We are aware that Mojang has released a 1.8.4 patch a few hours ago. As well indeed we have knowledge that there is a very severe exploit that currently effects all (including cb, spigot, vanilla) 1.6.2 -> 1.8.3 servers that has just been made public to the world due to Mojang miscommunications. It was a very secret, yet rare exploit, which was only known by a few until now (that is not the case anymore). Please be advised we were made aware of this public release immediately yesterday, and our 1.8.3 version has been updated accordingly by the spigot team to patch this vulnerability.

As always we make sure to stay on top of these situations and provide you the most up to date, bug/exploit free gaming experience. =) (Thanks of course to the speedy work of the Spigot team!)

PS: You are free to update your clients to 1.8.4 and should be able to join without any issues.
We have putting some work into the shoutbox addon and upgraded it to the pro version due to a suggestion we saw made by @kukelekuuk00

The shoutbox should overall work much faster, smoother, and give you more options when it comes to formatting your messages.

Further more all Forum Gold & Lite users will have the added ability to:
- Use persistent color on the ShoutBox to save your color for ease of use.
- Bypass ShoutBox 5 second flood limit.

"Hey everyone!

So today we got some very custom and super exclusive work done for ECC. Before I introduce this I'd like to give a huge thanks to our Development team leader @KHobbits - his work on this project, and throughout all the years on ECC has been amazing, and many of our custom additions on the server would not be possible without him!

Now, we all know that we do applications for ranks and a few other things by hand on the forums. Although these could be automated (Resident, Mayor, Etc), it would completely mess up how our administration works. (We use these applications for investigative/administrative & specifically research purposes at many times in various situations.)

However! When it comes to our new Forum Banking, we have found a way to integrate all history into our in-game, forum, and a few other locations all automatically. Therefore, without further ado, we would like to introduce..."

Automatic Banking Deposits/Withdrawals
(You didn't think we'd just be silly and make you fill bank apps out forever did you =P)

The in-game commands will be as follows:
/bank deposit <amount>
(Deposit EcoDollars from the Minecraft server into your forum bank)
/bank withdraw <amount>
(Withdraw EcoDollars from the forum bank into your Minecraft server)
/bank balance
(Check your forum bank balance in game)

Transfer EcoDollars between the...
Throughout the past couple days, we have unfortunately come across some severe exploits/unfair advantages in the current Stock Trader competition.

Due to this we are restarting the competition (and of course we are very sorry for this, but it must be done to assure the fairness for all players, believe us if you already have a huge percentage margin, you would be shocked at what would happen in the final day; users would basically jump un-imagineable percentage amounts with the abuse we see possible, thus this is for the greater good of everyone).

The competition will now run from April 10th to July 10th. The competition will close July 10th at 4:30PM EST. (Right at market close)

The changes we are making are simply the following:
- To be considered for the competition and to have your total profit margin judged, you will need to have a minimum of $200,000 EcoDollars invested in your entire portfolio. Below is a screenshot of the number we are talking about:

We understand many of you have already done research and worked towards your percentages, however we assure you, come the final days of this competition, you would be absolutely heart broken by the abuse that is possible, and the work around/s that we found available.

We also ask everyone to understand that the Stock Trader is completely new to our server and we are simply trying to make this real life prizes competition as absolutely fair as possible for all users. (Yes unfortunately not everyone will have 200,000 EcoDollars available to invest, however you do have 3 months to make this amount and take your shot!) The way we are running this competition now will highly benefit those who do true research as opposed to those who simply are attempting to get "lucky".
For the duration of our Easter sale the Rising/Legacy spawn statues will be an additional 50% off. For those that want the forum medals this is your best chance (Some as low as $4)

Rising Statues & Legacy Statues
Thanks to our wonderful developer contacts we have automated the opening/closing of our stock market.

Open times will be 9:45 am EST.
Close times will be 4:00 pm EST.

We will only be running the United States Stock Exchange "for now".

To those wondering our Stock Trader is not open 24/7 as this opens up the ability for some seriously exploitable economy crushing scenarios that were demonstrated to me by various very helpful users :)

Please note @Physicistsmom will be manually closing the market during holidays. Feel free to remind her or myself if you see me online the day before so we don't forget. Anyone caught buying stocks during holidays will have them reverted should they accidentally be open.

Holiday hours below:

We have added Rabbits, Villagers, Endermites, and Guardians to our store!

Don't forget we have an awesome Easter Sale going on right now!
Congratulations to all our March voting winners!

March Top Prizes: $50/$50/$50/$50/$40/$40/$40/$30/$30/$20 http://shop.ecocitycraft.com Coupon Codes + Forum Voting Medal!

1. @bluntpixel
2. @iTzXtremeGaming
3. @Sharkykzn
5. @dumdum71
6. @subxplorer
7. @ASauer
8. @ModernPerils
9. @catman172
10. @gstoner3

Thank you all for your support!
Server Name Changes:

First thing's first. I'd like to state three very important facts:

1. You change your name at your very own risk, and we in absolutely no way recommend doing so / guarantee a smooth name changing process. You may come into some serious issues. It is up to you to report them immediately and handle them with proper discretion.

2. If you find you are having far too many problems with your name change, you may change your name back after Mojang's 30 day waiting period. Feel free to do so.

3. Anyone caught abusing any sort of exploit/issue with name changes and not reporting it will have their Name/UUID absolutely PermaBanned from our server, forum, Team Speak, and basically all our services with no chance of appeal. On the other hand; reporting issues as always earns you prizes!

So lets get right to it.

What Works!

-- Your previous added owners and members will work just fine.
-- If you were the owner you will possibly always see name:<oldname> in the list.
-- You can add your new name to your owners and members if you wish. Your town access will work regardless.

-- All these user specific things will automatically convert.

-- All your ranks and donations will...
New Stock Trader forum medals available!


Application located here.

Special thanks to @3point14mp for his work on making the medal images!