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by Revanrose6 at 10:00 PM
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EcoCityCraft staff applications are now open!

Please take note of our new rules and the ability to add a poll to your staff app!
by andrewkm at 2:18 AM
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All Forum Gold / Lite users will now get a nice banner under their name! :)
Upgrades can be found here:

ECC Forum Gold Upgrade
The ECC Forum Gold Upgrade allows you to upgrade your standard forum account to a premium ECC forum account. This gives you various upgraded forum features!

* Gold name color with animated gold sparkles!
* "Premium User" banner under your name on the forums! * Ability to change the tag under your name with a custom tag! (Personal Details)
* Bypass 30 second forum flood limit - great if you're a ninja poster.
* Maximum PM participants go up from 5 to 25!
* Maximum inbox space goes up from 100 to 5000!
* All website advertisements (side/bottom) get removed!
*Please note: this upgrade does not go towards your medals/total server support.
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This PVP competition has been absolutely amazing, and the entries have been awesome! I truly never thought it would be this hard to judge. Many eliminations were so hard to make but had to be done. We want to thank everybody that participated in this contest!

Many eliminations were made for various reasons, some due to technicality issues and some due to final execution on proper implementation into our current PVP world due to not following the rules we had set out for the maps we needed. However many of the eliminations we have made may very well be used in the future as possible SG maps. I think that was the main issue with some of the submissions, many amazing entries were based more towards SG as opposed to PVP, and we have already begun discussing plans to possibly implement some as SG maps in the future.

And finally the moment you've all been waiting for.

by andrewkm at 7:27 AM
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We are now compatible with Minecraft 1.7.2 -> 1.7.9

One downside to 1.7.6 - 1.7.9 support is that currently the plugin that alters usernames above your character is completely broken with Mojangs latest username changes. There is absolutely nothing that can be done and it looks like the ability to change a users name color over their character may likely be permanently broken. Something Mojang requires for some reason. This means that colored name tags over your characters in game will 95%+ not return back to supporter accounts. If ever there is a way to fix this rest assured we will get it done, but as it stands, its deliberately been broken.
by andrewkm at 8:32 PM
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Official town transfers are now available on EcoCityCraft
Apply here: Town Transfer Application $250,000
by andrewkm at 6:53 AM
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Due to our theme not being updated for many months (and ultimately dying out) we have not been able to get our forum updated, and have had numerous bugs floating around.

Finally, many months later the theme has been picked up by another developer and completely updated to work with the latest forum versions!

We have just completed our major Xenforo update from 1.1.5 -> 1.3.1
This included at least 10 versions in between as well as updates to our over 20+ forum add-ons. Basically, everything was updated. A good long 6-7 hours of work.

Many bugs have finally been addressed and fixed (example: pop-out edit windows in firefox) as well as many things have changed!

As this is an absolutely huge change, bugs/problems are to be expected. Please report them in our Help/Support forum section and we will address them as soon as we can. Please understand the difference between a bug and a suggestion. Not liking something that is new is not a bug...
by andrewkm at 9:53 AM
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EcoCityCraft's mining world has been reset!
Happy mining! Don't forget about our awesome /wild land command :)
by andrewkm at 6:31 AM
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Mojang plans to introduce username changes.

Simply put I will not support this unless I absolutely have to due to serious technical issues. By changing your username you will not be able to join EcoCityCraft until you change back to your old name. We are already running a custom solution to ensure this.
by andrewkm at 12:52 AM
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I'm going to try to be as brief and to the point as possible.

I'm sure you are all aware that our old market lags quite badly. The reasoning is quite simple. (The more signs you have loaded in your client - the more you will lag. Signs are an fps killer, it's as simple as that) The only way to reduce the lag is to reduce the amount of signs loaded at once, and this means spreading them out.

Our solution will be to have a massive market which will only have a few shops loaded at once on your client within the current loaded chunks, as opposed to near 100 shops loaded at once in an absolutely crowded area as we have now. We will achieve this with four major market roads. (Names of the roads to be determined - Colors will be red, blue, green and yellow)

by andrewkm at 10:36 PM
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Congratulations to all our March voting winners!
March Top Prizes: $60/$50/$40/$30/$20/$10 Coupon Codes + Forum Voting Medal!

1. D9anie6l
2. Starlindria
3. janc87
4. georgie0417
5. Dixan_Cider
6. priMELval

(ECC Coupon codes PM'ed to users via the forums.)