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As some of you might have noticed there has been a recent flag addition in our wiki, this has been added due to some changes in the plugin we use for them. Due to these changes the Use flag no longer protects chests from players who are not members of the town. The new interact flag now provides both working mob protection and chest protection from anyone without perms to your town.
This flag does not prevent your mobs from being butchered.

We understand that some people applied for the Use flag simply to protect either the mobs or chests in their town, that is why we are allowing users who currently have the Use flag set in their town to have it changed to an Interact flag for free for the next month only, as of the 18th of February you will no longer be able to apply to have this flag changed for free.

To have your Use flag changed to an Interact flag...
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Information regarding Minecraft usernames

Yesterday Mojang announced that starting February 4th they will be allowing users to change their usernames.
As we have said in the past we will not be supporting username changes at this point in time and may not for many months into the future.

What will happen if I change my username?

Changing your username will prevent your account from being able to access the server. There will be absolutely nothing we can do to fix this and no way we can make exception for your 'new' username. You will still have access to our forums but there is nothing the staff team can do about your access to the server.

I changed my username what can I do to get back on the server?
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Congratulations to all our December voting winners!

December Top Prizes: $50/$50/$50/$50/$40/$40/$40/$30/$30/$20 Coupon Codes + Forum Voting Medal!

1. @KovenWing
2. @Mission001
3. @ChargerBoltz5
4. @Imabankthing
5. @ModernPerils
6. @Sharkykzn
7. @dumdum71
8. @Expipiplusone
9. @subxplorer
10. @goblizz

Thank you for all of your support!!!
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Sg double earning amounts will be extended for another month!

End of match main bonus 150 -> 300
End of match kill bonus 100 -> 200
Instant reward for killing a player in a match 100 -> 200

As always...may the odds be ever in your favor!
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Mining and Nether Worlds have been reset!

Happy gathering everyone!
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To celebrate the holiday season I've decided to do a surprise week of Christmas Giveaways!
The process is simple and the requirements are straight forward.

- Be online and active.
- Be a minimum Resident. (Not applicable to staff - don't worry Exilenela lol)

- Be an EcoCityCraft supporter. (Verified by having at least one forum supporter medal on your forum account)

The prizes will be given away at absolutely random through out the next 7 days!
As long as you are online during the random giveaway period you will be eligible!

Simply watch chat for me to appear randomly in the rising spawn Christmas glass box throughout the week and wait for me to reveal the next prize, at that point a random online user will be chosen (minimum...
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Introducing ECC's newest sg map to replace sg1!

Its finally here! A smaller map beautifully designed with an island theme that's challenging and full of adventure. Perfect place to use those boats we've just added to the chests! ;)

Also, just a reminder about our new earning amount for kills/wins.
End of match main bonus 150 -> 300
End of match kill bonus 100 -> 200
Instant reward for killing a player in a match 100 -> 200

As always...may the odds be ever in your favor!

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To celebrate all the festivities of December we have decided to boost up the earning in sg! Doubled it all!

End of match main bonus 150 -> 300
End of match kill bonus 100 -> 200
Instant reward for killing a player in a match 100 -> 200
Keep in mind no-kit-SG matches will double the already doubled earning! Woah!

May the odds be ever in your favor!
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The new 1.8 blocks are now available to grab up at the spawn shops in rising and legacy!

- Diorite/Polished Diorite
- Andesite/Polished Andesite
- Granite/Polished Granite
- Slime blocks
- All red sandstone block forms
- Prismarine/brick/dark

Excited to see what you all come up with in your builds with these new looks!

Happy building guys!
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Woot, throw those 1.7 clients out the window we are heading to 1.8. Almost everything will be available to you guys from this update. All the new blocks and items will be obtainable as well as new mobs will spawn!

A few changes that everyone may be interested in knowing include:
- Enchanting tables have been disabled again and the new enchantment sign will be added to the EXP shop.
- Guardians/Elder guardians and Endermites will all be spawning in the mining world.
- Bunnies will be available in all worlds that have passive mobs spawning already.
- About 90% of the new items and blocks available in 1.8 will be sellable to the server, however a select few will remain out of our sell command.
- We have had to change the /sell values of a few blocks due to this update, nothing that will majorly impact the server - most to adjust for new mechanics.
- Axes will not work on melons, instead melon swords will remain the best tool to use while melon...