The top 5 Minerun winners are:

backtothepast $50 Coupon
fleetfooter $40 Coupon
bobman3355 $30 Coupon
tomkench $20 Coupon
dodos1 $10 Coupon
I'd like to take a moment to thank the 40 or so players who showed up to our first Spleef Saturday event! Was a lot of fun for everyone!

Please congratulate our Grand Prize winners when you see them in game:
@Bashdash100, @ethclaw, and @chucknorris1999
These 3 survived 4 rounds of spleefing to be crowned our first Spleef Saturday champions!

Special thanks as well to @DiamondDesire and @clou44 for helping host the competition and @Physicistsmom for not only helping host but helping me keep score!

We have come realize that many users find our /warn command a complete joke in game, and who would blame them, I mean... it does nothing right?

We have finally changed that.
50%+ of the entire warn system has been totally re-written to be more permanent, automated and severe.

Now, when you get a warning in game it is saved, forever.
When you reach a specific amount of warnings in-game you will be automatically temp-banned. (Currently set to 5 warnings = 24 hour tempban)
When you receive a warn, you will be told how many you have remaining until your ban.

Dear staff:

- All warns & notes will now be saved forever, and no longer be stored in memory.
- A more detailed thread regarding this will soon come to the staff section of our forum.
Congratulations to all our October voting winners!

October Top Prizes: $50/$50/$50/$50/$40/$40/$40/$30/$30/$20 Coupon Codes + Forum Voting Medal!

1. @_Smokin

2. @subxplorer
3. @Expipiplusone
4. @3point14mp
5. @Rsteve
6. @LJKAzrael
7. @Sharkykzn
8. @legojake62
9. @EntKing
10. @314

Thank you all for your support!
There is one unfortunate thing we have to deal with the latest hardware failure.
Unfortunately the drive that stored out MySQL DB's was one of the things that died. We do backups on that every 3 days, and unfortunately it was literally at the end of the 3 days.

This simply means the following:

- Any McMMO progress you made regarding your levels between October 31st 6:47am -> November 3rd 6:30am EST will be lost.

- Any LWC locks/unlocks you made regarding LWC between October 31st 6:47am -> November 3rd 6:30am EST will be lost.

Keep in mind our LogBlock chest logging will be in full force. Anyone caught abusing this situation and stealing from unlocked chests throughout the next 7 days will face an immediate perma-ban and absolute removal from EcoCityCraft forever.

You have been warned!
All packages 15% OFF store wide!

Any purchases over $100 will receive the forum promotion medal and free forum gold upgrade! Pm Nicit6 to change from forum gold to forum lite!
All bitcoin purchases (no matter the amount) will receive the bitcoin forum medal!

Expires: November 15th 11:59 PM EST
Our Mining and Nether worlds were reset last night! Happy mining and gathering!
We're hosting a Spleef tournament Saturday, November 14th at 3PM EST. Entry is free, everyone gets to play the same number of rounds, you might even be able to show off your town! Should be lots of fun for everyone :)

Read the official thread for more details!
Network backend work and lobby released. Read detailed FAQ here:

Now for the fun part, to get started on adding extra servers :) Stay tuned!