Sports Book and Server Event Wagering:

The Sportsbook on ECC will be used to bet on various events, whether they are real life special events in sports or server events such as PVP fights and tournaments.

The most asked question that we will likely receive is the following:

Q: "Why aren't all the sports events listed from every day and every sport?"

A: The reason for this is how sports betting works. First of all there is no reliable (code/api) source to pull odds, lines, and scores from to add to the core functionality of this addon. Secondly pulling odds, lines, and information from domestic or international bookie websites (real life sports betting) begins to cross into serious legal complications, that's if they would even allow it, which they wouldn't. No bookie will ever offer his full time job of creating these events up for free to be pulled into third party areas. Simply put there is no way to do this, please don't suggest one, we will never approve it.

Our Sportsbook will have one book keeper. That is myself. This means I am the one who will add events, set the odds, lines, etc. Asking for odds/lines to change because you don't like them will never be approved. If you don't like the odds/lines please simply do not bet. This is how sportsbooks work. It is up to you to research, and find the advantage, and make the proper bets according to your outcome theories.

I will try to add some of the biggest events in sports (superbowl, major boxing matches, world cup finals, etc) as well as various server events such as PVP tournaments. If you wish to...
Forum Changes:

We got a whole new world of forum work we are putting in lately! Here are some of the biggest things we've changed / updated:

Fun Stuff:
- Adding an EcoDollar central banking system (more explained below)
- Adding an EcoDollar stock trader (more explained below)
- Adding an EcoDollar sports book / server event wagering (more explained below)
- Adding real life prizes for various new features like the stock trader (iPads and more)
- Adding new forum medals soon for $3000+ donations. (Waiting on @BackToThePast to pick it)

Boring Stuff:
- Upgraded all Xenforo backend software.
- Updated all Xenforo addons including some big ones like XenPorta -> XenPorta2 Pro.
- Updated tons of stuff on the server machine.
- Much more to ensure smooth stability

Please report all issues:
- If any of our additions are not working right please report this in our help/support section.
- If any colors / styles / or anything simply looks off please let us know in help/support section.
-- We run a ton of custom CSS so many things may look a bit off as we changed many core elements on our forum. Simply let us know what looks wrong, or hard to read to you and we will see what we can do =)

= Banking System =

EcoCityCraft Bank:

The EcoCityCraft Forum Bank is a management system for your money. It is what we will use as the basis for all forum EcoDollar activities, transfers, and management. You will get your very own bank page, showing your money, transaction...
As many people have messaged us to remove cooldowns with an upgrade on the /smelt command we decided to release a planned future package a bit early. As we are only including the removed smelt cooldowns on ExtCreationPlus2 for now we will be selling it for $20. (Plus there's currently a sale to get it extra cheap).

Once we add a few things in the near future that we have planned we will change the price to its original $30.

We know its a bit of an empty upgrade right now with just the removed cooldowns, but might as well get it out early and have it all setup before hand :)
Everything store wide is 15% OFF!

All baskets over $100 after discount will receive the forum promotion medal and free forum gold upgrade! If you'd like to change forum gold to lite you may pm me on the forums.
Please allow 24 hours from purchase for medal/upgrade to be applied.

We will be doing both end and beginning of the month sales this time as some of you wanted an end of the month sale instead. This will be our last one for end of the month and all further sales will start in the beginning.

Thank you all for your support!

We have now updated to 1.8.3

The only currently broken plugin is Stealth disguises. We will work on having this fixed ASAP.

Edit: All plugins are now fixed and fully functional on our 1.8.3 update!
I have been preparing our server for the 1.8.3 update. I attempted this about a week ago, but the updates to 1.8+ have become very difficult lately when it comes to our server and all the custom things we use. It is not what it used to be and there is now tons of custom work involved with several developers to push a simple update through. Boy has Minecraft changed! Even some of the simplest plugins require outside work as many developers have abandoned them.

Anyways, the recent downtimes this morning (totaling over 4-5 hours) were all very careful detailed preparations to simply get us to the 1.8.3 version bump.

We will attempt this final update within a few days hopefully, maybe sooner :)
Thank you for your patience everyone!
We have decided to remove cooking pots and replace them with a brand new /smelt command.

The reason is quite simply explained with the following three screenshots:

3rd laggiest plugin on the server:


2nd laggiest plugin on the server:


1st laggiest plugin on the server:


As you can clearly see our Craftbook plugin is 16+ times as heavy as the second laggiest plugin on the server. This is 100% due to cooking pots (after examining the exact causes of this slowdown). We've been trying to tackle the problem for several months, however ended up deciding to finally disable them and add an alternative, as there is no true solution to this problem (believe me, we've tried everything). They [cooking pots] will always destroy our performance, unless they were to be severly nerfed making them near unusable, and limiting them to one per chunk.

Anyways, carrying on with the /smelt command.

All users with ExtCreationsPlus will have access to the /smelt command. Basically; anything you are holding you will be able to use /smelt on with a 10 second cooldown. This will instantly change the item to its smelted form.

In the future we will look into adding an even nicer command (/smeltall) that will smelt every item in your inventory (that can be smelted of course).
Mining and Nether Worlds have been reset!

Happy gathering everyone!
Congratulations to all our February voting winners!

February Top Prizes: $50/$50/$50/$50/$40/$40/$40/$30/$30/$20 Coupon Codes + Forum Voting Medal!

1. @iTzXtremeGaming
2. @dumdum71
3. @subxplorer
4. @Sharkykzn
5. @bluntpixel
6. @Imabankthing
7. @priMELval
8. @ModernPerils
9. @Zeurals
10. @KovenWing

Thank you all for your support!
Staff applications are open once again, we are looking for users who want to help the community. If you want to give an extra hand to the users of our great server then you can apply here:

If you are planning on applying make sure you meet all of our requirements, can uphold our current staff standards and ensure you use the correct format, all of which can be found here:

Good luck to everyone who applies, it will be great working with you.