Here on ECC we're always looking for ways to improve gameplay and better the community!

We have made a survey with some specific questions regarding how YOU want to see ECC grow in the future! Please be as honest as possible and don't be afraid to state your mind - after all, we certainly can't fix an issue we don't know about! These are also private and only visible to GameAdmins+ =)

(Please note we're limiting this to one response per player - so please be as accurate as possible!)

Congrats to the following top three winners in unique kills during our recent Minerun!

1. @BackToThePast
2. @_Smokin
3. @icondigi

Amazing work!
You have all won a $30 GiftCard and the forum event medal!

Our Mining and Nether worlds were reset last night! Happy mining and gathering!
All packages 20% OFF store wide!

Any purchases over $100 will receive the forum promotion medal and free forum gold upgrade! Pm Physicistsmom to change from forum gold to forum lite!

Expires: October 11th 11:59 PM EST

PS: We are very sorry for not having a sale in September. Some changes had to be made with our payment processors which we ensured are all done and ready for October. All payment processors are now back online. (Paypal, Paymentwall, and more)
After some long time spent navigating the Spawn-Town Portal Hub, we've decided... it's laggy, it's ugly, it's outdated, so... we got rid of it. Sorry.

However we are replacing all town portals with town warps. As well the /warp command will become free for all to use.
With this however town warps will increase in price to $75,000.

We have made an application thread in general discussion to have your Spawn Town Portals replaced with warps. There is no charge for this and is available to any owner of the town. Please follow the instructions on the thread and the GA+ team will assist you as soon as possible. Please note that this thread will only remain open for 30 days and after this point we will not be able to assist you.

Application thread:

To quell the chaos this will likely cause:

No, we're not touching any other portals. You may still apply for Town-Town, Town-Exclusive, or any other kinds of portals.

No, we are not adding anything else to the teleport package at this time. You still keep /tpa and /tpahere, the biggest perks of the package.

No, we are not providing any refunds for previously purchased Portals, Warps, etc. We are very sorry however doing so would drastically inflate the economy.

We are sorry for any inconveniences.
Competition start date: September 15th 2015 10:15PM
Competition end date: September 25th 2015 11:59PM

We are giving away an awesome Nintendo Wii-U Super Mario 3D World Deluxe Set!


The giveaway will be in the form of a random draw! Raffle tickets for this draw will be given away as follows:

- Top 10 one ticket largest wins
- Top 10 one ticket most wins
- Top 10 one ticket most winnings
- Top 10 one ticket most profits
- Top 10 one ticket total profits
- Top 3 largest wins
- Top 3 most wins
- Top 3 most winnings
- Top 3 most profit
- Top 3 total profit

This is a total of 65 available raffle tickets!
And as you can see, simply buying 1 ticket can get you the most raffles! This is so everyone (rich & poor) has a chance at the draw!
Good luck to everyone!

Lottery leaderboards reset tonight @ 10:15PM EST!
Lotto taxes will...
We've made some changes to our staff application process that everyone wishing to apply should take note of.

Applications will now be open year-round, however we will be running four 3-month cycles. These will run from
January to March, April to June, July to September, and October to December. At each change we will delete open applications and change the format around. Staff will be picked in an as needed basis within these cycles, as opposed to our previous mass picks.

We will be opening the October to December cycle now a few weeks early.

Please also note our 2 new additions to our section rules:
Polls are no longer allowed on staff applications.
You may not apply for staff within 3 months of having appealed a ban.
Our Mining and Nether worlds were reset last night! Happy mining and gathering!
Congratulations to all our August voting winners!

August Top Prizes: $50/$50/$50/$50/$40/$40/$40/$30/$30/$20 Coupon Codes + Forum Voting Medal!

1. @ChargerBoltz5
2. @Nicit6
3. @Sharkykzn
4. @a18greek18
5. @priMELval
6. @SuburbSomeone
7. @dumdum71
8. @subxplorer
9. @_Smokin
10. @3point14mp

Thank you all for your support!
We've changed some things around with town applications!

First things first, that pesky town limit? Gone.

However we have raised additional town prices slightly.
Town 6 is now
Towns 7 and up are $500,000.

We have also changed our zoning questions to be more straightforward and easier on our GA's. Please make sure you're copying and using the correct format from the wiki when applying for new towns!