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by Physicistsmom at 7:39 PM
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Ok guys, other then Jakey breaking everything, we have fixed most of it with the side effect of Fishing drops being back..... no idea how that happened. :p

We have also decided to to give you guys a way to make splash potions and fireworks easier again as we have added gunpowder drops back. You will however have to risk you tools to go get it as it only drops from soul sand and we all know where that is. You will need to be level 200 or higher in excavation to get them and be careful, the nether is PvP remember.

Also we have added something else for all you guys who love all your animals. You can now get name tags from grass drops, they are rare and you will need over level 250 excavation to get them.
by Physicistsmom at 4:44 PM
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As many of you may have noticed in the last few days since we reintroduced passive mobs to the main world your horse have become vulnerable to players, however we have managed to set up a way for users to not only provide some protection for their horses but for all mobs in their town.
By applying for the 'Use' flag to be disabled in your town you will stop anyone who is not a member of your town from not only being able to attack your mobs but will also not be able to interact with them in general.

This gives town owners the ability to control who can interact with/attack/ride any of the animals in their towns.

Because of this town owners and town members will be able to do as they please with their animals no matter if it is riding them or killing them for resource and still know that anyone who they have...
by Physicistsmom at 11:28 PM
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Passive mobs now spawn in the main worlds! We also have allowed squids in the oceans :) These mobs will not have the same protections as horses do so if you want to keep them you need to have them somewhere safe.

Passive mobs will spawn inside of towns so I have made a town feature app for the mob_spawning flag. You can turn this off in your town if you do not wish for this to happen.

We also have added back enchantment tables! They are used just the same as before. We are leaving the exp shop as is so you will still be able to choose specific enchants.
by Physicistsmom at 12:43 PM
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The mining and nether worlds have been reset!

Happy gathering everyone!
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Congratulations to all our September voting winners!

August Top Prizes: $50/$50/$50/$50/$40/$40/$40/$30/$30/$20 Coupon Codes + Forum Voting Medal!

1. @Patrickallain
2. @Floxit
3. @Halomartin
4. @Kain55
5. @Mmeeth
6. @siraj93
7. @subxplorer
8. @Nicolaidf
9. @Sharkykzn
10. @314

(ECC Coupon codes PM'ed to users via the forums.)
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Remember to follow us on @EcoCityCraft for all of our ECC announcements! This is a place to get quick information out to our users which don't always require a thread in the news & announcement section.

Follow us here and be sure to always be up to date on whats happening!


*It is recommended to check news before gameplay! If news comes up during your online time we will try to alert you in game.*
by Physicistsmom at 4:43 PM
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!!!All ranks are now eligible to apply for the staff team!!!
Note: This does not affect the ranks of mayor+

Users who are the rank of Builder/Resident can now apply for the staff team if they meet the following requirements.

  • Must be a member of the forums for at least 6 months
  • Must be an active member of the community
by Physicistsmom at 10:30 AM
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End of September Sale!

Entire store is now 15% OFF!

by Physicistsmom at 11:33 PM
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As many of you know already, andrewkm has transferred full ownership of ECC to me. I would like to firstly take this opportunity to thank him for everything that he has done for this community over the past 3.5-4 years. Without his hard work and dedication we certainly would not be here today. I hope you all join me in thanking him and wishing him all the best for the future.

I believe that this is an exciting time for ECC as the Server embarks on a new chapter of its successful story. I am pleased that many of you appear to share my excitement for this. As ECC continues through its story I wish keep together what an amazing community that has established itself around ECC far into the future.

With all of these events occuring a large portion of the community have come to me with some concerns which I feel should be addressed. Many of you are asking for answers about what will happen to ECC. The truth is ECC will continue just as it always...
by KHobbits at 6:26 PM
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Today I am happy to announce a few server staffing changes.

Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome @clou44 @Dewsy92 as our newest ServerAdmins. These players have shown their commitment to ECC and will be an awesome addition to the SA team.

Secondly, I am happy to congratulate @Physicistsmom on being the first ServerAdmin+ ECC has ever seen.
This new rank sits above SA and will act as the liaison between the ECC owners, myself and the rest of the staff team. We will be expanding this rank to include future necessary administrative capabilities.

We will be opening staff applications in the near future, keep an eye out for other staff promotions in the next few days.