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    Voting now lets you earn rewards!!!
    All voting can be done when offline as well!!!
    Here's how to vote (Once every day) || Days reset everyday midnight PST!

    STEP 1:

    Click the above vote buttons and vote!:
    *Earn tons of free nether stars!*
    *Earn amazing Lucky rewards completely randomly!*
    *Earn shop coupons & forum medals for being a top voter!*

    STEP 2:

    Enter in your (In-Game-Name)/(Username) - exactly as it appears in game - as well as the anti-spam code and that's it! You will receive instant in-game prizes, plus an extra point for the race to the top voter rewards! (You do not need to be logged into the server to receive your in-game rewards. All offline votes are saved and processed after you login next time. Please note there may be a 8-12 second delay when logging in for your rewards to go through. Offline voting works for lucky rewards/monthly rewards as well!

    Here's how the system works:

    Every time you vote for us there will be a field where you can input your IGN (In-Game-Name)/(Username)! Every time you do so your action will be logged with a special system we have in place. At the end of every month there will be many awesome awards available for our top voters! *You must have a forum account using your Minecraft username to make sure you are properly notified of a win.

    Instant in-game vote prize!
    Possibility of instant Lucky, Very Lucky, Mega Lucky,
    Super Lucky, Ultra Lucky award!
    *(Don't need to be online)*

    Every single time you vote for us you receive an INSTANT IN-GAME PRIZE! As well if you are lucky you will receive a bonus prize along side your instant prize! Follow below steps to make sure your prize is awarded to you instantly!

    1. Click the above vote buttons and use your exact Minecraft Username! (In-Game-Name) - in the username field.

    2. Click vote and enjoy your prize! If you got lucky you will receive an additional instant prize in game!

    3. If you are online you will instantly receive your voting prize. If you are offline it will be awarded to you next time you login! Offline voting works for the lucky awards as well!

    Warning: You will not receive your instant prizes if your inventory is full.
    *Make sure your inventory has enough space for potential prizes before voting!

    Warning: Offline voting does not work when the server is not online.

    Instant Prize:
    1 Nether Star per vote!
    Lucky award prizes will stay secret and will change from time to time!
    Lucky award tier levels:


    End of Month Prize:
    Top 10 user prizes!
    *(Don't need to be online)*

    Top ten players with the most votes will receive a special prize package at the end of the voting month! As well the top 10 voters will receive the ECC Voting Forum Medal!

    This Month Top Prizes:
    #1 - 5 Event Tokens + Voting Medal
    #2 - 5 Event Tokens + Voting Medal
    #3 - 5 Event Tokens + Voting Medal
    #4 - 5 Event Tokens + Voting Medal
    #5 - 4 Event Tokens + Voting Medal
    #6 - 4 Event Tokens + Voting Medal
    #7 - 4 Event Tokens + Voting Medal
    #8 - 3 Event Tokens + Voting Medal
    #9 - 3 Event Tokens + Voting Medal
    #10 - 2 Event Tokens + Voting Medal
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    We now have 4 voting sites. Added a new one at Vote 4!

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