New Vanilla gaming mode is finally complete and ready to go!
The ServerAdmin team and I will decide when exactly to release it for it's experimental beta period.


The rules and concept is simple:

- 100% pure Vanilla with one added twist, the /sell hand command is available to generate VMRD (Vanilla MineRun Dollars).

- Every Sunday at 11:00PM EST there will be a full reset on all worlds. (main, nether, end).

- Every few weeks we will change the theme and change what is available for sale. One week we may do mining, another week we may do only cactus, and yet another week we may do nothing but logs. This will keep things different and challenge players in new interesting ways.

- The first weeks sell list will look as such:
@Nicit6 chose this list below and it looks like we're going for a "mining theme" the first few weeks.
  goldenapple: 10.0
  saddle: 10.0
  ironnugget: 2.0
  goldnugget: 10.0
  quartz: 1.0
  magma: 0.5
    '0': 1.0
  redstone: 2.0
  obsidian: 2.0
  quartzblock: 4.0
  ironingot: 18.0
  goldingot: 90.0
  redstoneblock: 18.0
  diamond: 100.0
  lapisblock: 18.0
  ironblock: 162.0
  goldblock: 810.0
  greenrecord: 100.0
  goldrecord: 100.0
  diamondblock: 900.0
  emerald: 150.0
  emeraldblock: 1350.0
    '4': 2.0
  ironbarding: 10.0
  goldbarding: 25.0
  diamondbarding: 50.0

- The top 10 users at the Sunday 11:00PM EST reset mark will receive the following points:
*1st place: 10 points
*2nd place: 9 points
*3rd place: 8 points
*4th place: 7 points
*5th place: 6 points
*6th place: 5 points
*7th place: 4 points
*8th place: 3 points
*9th place: 2 points
*10th place: 1 point
Points will be available for public viewing via:
Easy access to this leader board via:


A brand new VMR forum medal...
Congratulations to all our September voting winners!
September Top Prizes: 5/5/5/5/4/4/4/3/3/2 Event Tokens + Voting Medal!

@Server Admin - Please update the Event Tokens thread.
Hey ECC,

Time to announce something we're going to be releasing very soon (days). Ever since the launch of our lobby/network setup, we've been looking for a way to test it properly in a live environment.

Initially, we were going to launch a simple Vanilla server as a test run, but then ideas started popping up, and eventually they formed into a whole new game mode we want to launch. This will be released VERY soon, far before the Skyblock release. At first it was going to be nothing more than a network test using a Vanilla server, and within a day or two it spiraled into a whole new game mode idea of its own.

This server we are adding will be called...

Vanilla Minerun

Development is still underway (literally 90% done)... and the below information may slightly change, however here are some bullet points as to what this server will be about.

- 100% Vanilla server.
- Monsters, Animals, PVP, will all be enabled.
- There will be no special abilities from plugins whatsoever, no donation features, absolutely nothing. Pure vanilla Minecraft.
- The server will of course have anti-cheat to prevent hack client abuse.

With this however, we wanted to figure out a way to make this Vanilla server "special". Something that would capture players interests, yet STILL remain purely Vanilla. We ended up at the following:

- The "/sell hand" command will be available to all players. (of course the money generated from what you sell will not be available for transfer to the main server, it is purely for leaderboard reasons. The currency will be called VMRD [Vanilla MineRun Dollars])
- The only blocks you can sell will be certain ores/gems. (Diamonds, Iron, etc.)
- Everyone will have access to the "/baltop" command, showing a leaderboard of who is in the lead.
- The top 10 players every Sunday will be rewarded with VMR (Vanilla...
With October rolling around it's time to reset staff applications and head into our October to December staff app. We encourage any player who wishes to join the EcoCityCraft staff team to file an application as we will be periodically accepting new members.

Please remember to check out the updated staff app if you wish to apply, as old application formats will not be accepted.
We have added the following additions to Patron:

Lobby Server:
- Flying/Speed
- Nickname (Including features from NicknamePlus)
- Nice Patron tag:

With the opening of our network, our medals need a serious cleanup.
There will be many more medals coming that are based on our other servers, thus some of the clutter we have now needs to go.

We want the theme of our medals to be mainly leader board based with some exceptions of course.
The way our new medals setup now looks is as such:

Server Support:
- Feature Medals
- Promotion Medal
- Spawn Area Medal
- Voting Medal

- Lotto Leaderboard Medal
- SG Service Medals
- SG Leaderboard Medals
- McMMO Leaderboard Medals

Exclusive Extreme Wealth Medals:
- Collector Medals
- Sportsbook Medal
- EcoLeader, EcoMaster, EcoLegend Medals.

Official ECC Events:
- Event Medal​

In depth changes can be viewed below:

SG Service medals added (yearly):

Information here:


SG Medals had two removals + a point system revamp:
Information here:


Bitcoin medal has been removed:
We thank everyone who has supported EcoCityCraft in the past with Bitcoin, however we will no longer be accepting this as a form of payment. We have decided to remove the medal.


Spawn Medals have been lowered from 3 to 1:
As we no longer rent out spawn statues and never again will, we have reduced the amount of statue medals from 3 to 1 (Previously you had to be subscribed for a certain period to achieve the higher medals). Everyone who had a Spawn Statue medal keeps it, and we have decided to keep the gold medal...
So yeah, I've been completely MIA for a good 2-3 months. Real life took over and stuff happened. But I'm back now and been at work for the past few days morning to night completely redoing the entire Lobby with @JamieSinn and preparing it for the servers we have planned.

The Lobby has the same map as it previously had, but has now been completely re-worked and re-coded. Everything is much more stable and our environment is 100% ready for any servers we wish to add to ECC at this point. As well, our biggest project, the chat system [& keeping the community together], has finally been completed.

Our biggest focus was our chat system for the network.
The main goal was to keep the community together in a simple way, yet offer them other places to play.

The chat system now spans across all servers, featuring various chat channels that will be global channels.
The network channels currently are as follows:
- Global
- AlertSystem, Staff, Admins (for @Moderator 's and up)

There is absolutely nothing special you need to do to chat with people across the network. Simply use the above channels as you regularly would and everything will just work :) (Even /ignoring a user will work network wide! - Must use exact capitalization if they are not on the same server as you.)

If you are talking in Global, and someone responds to you in Global, should they be in another server you will see a prefix before their message.


The prefixes currently are as such:
Main server = [M]
Lobby server = [L]

Further more, our most exciting feature of the chat system that finally works smoothly is the PM system. You are able to PM users no matter where they are on the network. Keep one thing in mind...
Pissed off you missed out on the 2017 SG service medal? I'll be giving away 10 more to the top 10 by this deadline: Sunday October 15th 11:59pm EST.

Top 10 SG players by October 15th 2017 will get the SG service medal for 2017. Only doing this now because I know some genuinely missed out (those who were 51st - 75th specifically). Goodluck!

Our SG reset news post can be found here:
A few SG changes have come:

- Removed two medals as there will now be summer resets (with awarded service medals) and it will be near impossible to get all the old medals with the previous scoring system. Originally the points system to achieve the medals was as follows: 75k, 180k, 300k, 600k, 1.2M.

- The medals will now go in the following order: Iron (50k), Gold (100k), Diamond (150k). Previously, only one person achieved the Diamond medal after over 4-5 years of SG. Now during yearly resets it will basically become impossible to get to the previous 1.2M requirement, thus they have been lowered:

(Screenshot via:

- The SG stats will reset June 1st of every year. There will be a 30 day warning prior to reset. As always stats can be found here:

- You NEVER lose the SG medals you earned, reset or not.

- There is now a drop down menu showing the Current Stats as well the previous year archives.


- On every reset, a service medal will be awarded to the Top 50 players! Keep in mind every year the service medal will be different, and there will be no way to get the previous service medal in any way. These are the winners for 2017's reset:

- The current service medal is a simple generic image:


- We will be running a small image competition soon to design our official service medals. Look in the General Discussion section for this upcoming thread.
ECC has now updated to 1.12.2.
You are good to update your clients to the latest version.