I've decided to run two sales to save funds and help us with our 1.13.1 City launch & development.

All packages are 40% off!
Expires: On City server release.

All Casino Tokens are 55% off!
Expires: Monday, September 24th, 11:59PM EST.

Got kind of tired making sale plans/dates, and need to save funds to pay server costs as far into the future as possible prior to this City release, thus decided to simply hold a sale until the launch date. (Hopefully within a month, things are looking good!)
City server spawn project is calling all dedicated / veteran players to help us revive spawn!

The Mega Machine at the starcasino has increased key prizes from 5 -> 10.
Meaning if you hit the spawner key, you get 10 spawner keys!

As well:

Monthly Casino Packs have increased Mega Tokens from 10 -> 15!
I have taken the below from a previous news post, and updated it a little to give everyone an idea as to where we are and how plans may or may not have shifted with EcoCityCraft:

Minecraft versions:
1. Wait for Mojang to update to 1.13.1 (DONE)
2. Wait for Spigot to update to 1.13.1 (DONE)
3. Examine 1.13.1 and determine if a wait for 1.13.2 is required. (DONE)
4. If 1.13.1 is good to go, update our plugins to 1.13.1 (In Progress).
5. If 1.13.1 is good to go, wait for external plugins to update to 1.13.1 (In Progress).
6. Examine updated 1.13.1 plugins. (DONE).
7. Test 1.13.1 plugins (In Progress).
8. Launch 1.13.1 across our servers (In Progress).

EcoCityCraft projects:
1. Launch all server's 1.13.x client joining compatibility. (DONE)
2. Reset SkyBlock / Launch SkyBlock seasons with 3X Prestige possibility. (DONE).
3. Slowly begin the conversion from Main to Archive. (DONE).
4. Launch finalized Archive server on 1.12.2 with compatibility for 1.13+ clients. (DONE).
5. Launch SkyBlock server on 1.12.2 with compatibility for 1.13+ clients. (DONE)
6. Launch Lobby server on 1.13.1. (DONE).
7. Launch VMR server on 1.13.1. (In Progress).
8. Launch City server on 1.13.
9. Implement a PVP game mode via City server on 1.13.1 (once all above projects are done).
10. Play Minecraft :cool:.
Staff applications are now open! Feel free to apply if you are interested and you meet the stated eligibility requirements.
Staff Standards and Application Rules
Staff Application
Banner by @BuildsByGideon <3

The EcoCityCraft Archive server is now ready for the [Historians]!

Some notes related to Archive for those just joining us:
- Our Main server is getting reset after 7+ years and the project is code named "City Server".
- Our old Main server has been Archived. Visit it using /server archive or by the portal in the Lobby.
- Information regarding City server will come as the weeks go on. There is still lots to be done.

Archive Server:
- All builds, inventories, and everything you had remains on Archive.
- Building has been disabled in the Wild. We must preserve what's left of our land!
- Building is possible in towns you own or are a member of.
- Blocks may be purchased at our spawn shops, or from other users.

- All Patrons on EcoCityCraft get the following on Archive:

Certain limited commands from previous ranks:
  • Resident
  • Mayor
Certain limited commands from previous features:
  • Back
  • ExtCommandsPlus2
  • ExtCreationsPlus2
  • FeedPlus
  • FlyingPlus
  • InvestigatorPlus
  • MultiHomePlus9
  • PlayerVaultsPlus5
  • PyroPlus
  • StealthPlus2
  • TeleportPlus2
  • UnlimitedLWC
  • WaterPlus
Special features:
- All features you have bought in the past on our Main server will of course transfer to the new Main City server project! Rest assured you have not lost anything for the new coming massive Main City server reset!

As always, thank you to everyone who has been here for nearly an entire decade! <3
Theme Change!
Use "/server vmr" or visit the lobby to access the VMR portal.



Shear and Silky

Theme suggested by @KiwiAngelTwist via this thread.

Sale prices are as follows:
Grass Block................$5
Dead Shrub/Bush......$5
Wool (all colors).........$2
Leaves (all types).......$5
Diamond Ore..........$100
Emerald Ore............$100
Coal Ore.....................$25
Nether Quartz Ore.....$5
Brown Mushroom Block....$10
Red Mushroom Block.........$10

Leader boards can be found here: https://vanilla.ecocitycraft.com
Main news post regarding release/more information can be found here.
All applications have been archived via the following section from the Archive server.

Builders+ Archive
Residents+ Archive
Mayors+ Archive
Presidents+ Archive

You cannot create threads/posts in these sections, however they may still be viewed by all those with the correct permissions, should they be needed for any referencing in the future.

Official historical application archives timestamp is:
September 8th, 2018, 10:00pm EST.
All apps for the main server, which will be archived in the coming weeks, are now closed.
To be exact, the following apps listed below are no longer being accepted until the new main server has reset. (Project codename: City Server).

Currently not accepting:
Applications (Builders+)

Resident Application - $15,000
Survivor Application - $20,000
Warrior Application - $25,000
Terminator Application - $30,000
Voyager Application - $20,000
VoidWalker Application - $25,000
Survival Games Medal Application
Treasure Collector Medal Application
EXP Collector Medal Application
Crate Master Collector Medal Application

Applications (Residents+)

Town/Mayor Application - $85,000
Spawn Trade-Shop Rental Application - $5,000/Week

Applications (Mayors+)

President Application - $180,000
Town Warp Application - $50,000
Town Warp Relocation Application - $10,000
Town-Exclusive Portal Application - $100,000
Town Portal Resize Application - $10,000
Town Portal Relocation Application - $10,000
PVP Area Application - $40,000
PVP Area Relocation Application - $10,000
Heal Sign Application - $40,000
Toggle/Change Town Flag Application - $10,000
Special Feature Removal Application - $5,000

Applications (Presidents+)

Tycoon Application - $500,000
EcoLeader Application - $1,000,000
EcoMaster Application - $2,500,000
EcoLegend Application - $5,000,000
Additional Town Application
Town-Town Portal Application - $25,000/Portal
Town Move Application - $150,000
Town Transfer Application - $150,000
Town Claim Application
@STAFF-01 Moderator @STAFF-02 Super Moderator @STAFF-03 Game Admin @STAFF-04 Server Admin please take note.
Congratulations to all our August voting winners!
August Top Prizes: 5/5/5/5/4/4/4/3/3/2 Event Tokens + Voting Medal!

@Server Admin - Please update the Event Tokens thread.