I've re-made and opened a steam group for ECC if you're interested in joining and staying in touch with ppl through that platform. PS: Carry me in CS:GO please and thank you.

We are running a Gift Card Sale prior to the Skyblock release!

All GiftCards are 30% off.

This GiftCard can be used as much as you like and the remaining balance will continuously carry over!

Pro Tip: Buying a discounted GiftCard and waiting for a discount sale will DOUBLE your discount. Get in early, buy a Gift Card and wait for a sale for big savings!

Here is a preview of the coming available Skyblock rank purchases!


The sale will end August 28th 11:59pm EST!
Hey everyone, got a few things to update you on :)

Recent downtime:

The EcoCityCraft forums have recently been crashing, and experiencing constant downtimes throughout the past 2 months. We've all noticed it, it's no secret. After countless hours (literally) of trying to track down the issue, we eventually realized that the dedicated server we run the website on is simply not enough. After 6+ years we've grown into a forum that has atleast 2-3X as many people on it as the game server at any given time, has near 35,000 members registered and confirmed and is coming up on 1,000,000 forum posts.

Simply put, our old box simply couldn't do it anymore. Through the past 3 days we have completed a major re-work of the entire web environment. @JamieSinn has literally been at work for a good 8-12 hours a day for three days straight creating a brand new, up to date, fresh and secure environment for us. Furthermore; hardware wise we have migrated to a box that is 4 times as powerful as the old one. (from a 32GB box to a 128GB fully loaded beast). With this we have noticed enormous speed increases among many other improvements.

As always however, issues absolutely may arrise with a brand new environment. Please report anything you see to our Help/Support section.

With all that said, of course our billing has increased enormously (3x), however, due to ECC's support throughout so many years, we are proudly covered for many months to come! We truly, truly, truly, would like to thank all of our donators for continuously supporting us <3 seriously, it means more to us than ever! THANK YOU :happy:

Skyblock Release:

We're going to keep this super short ;)
Skyblock planned BETA release is: August 28th 11:59PM EST.
Skyblock planned full release (with a full BETA-release map wipe) is planned for: 1 week after the beta release....
This event has been in the works for months now! You heard it; we're sponsoring an Olympic event! There will be many different events, such as individual and team PvP, Archery, and Spleef, so go register a team or contact the event coordinators, @a_man21 and @bmanvman, to play on your own.

The grand prize is currently 1.5 mil for the team with the most overall medals! More prizes will be revealed the more players participate.

Find out more about the event and sign up here.

(This is not a server event. This is an event that was set up and coordinated by players, and we were asked to sponsor it with some prizes and publicity. Thank you for setting this up guys!)
EcoCityCraft has now updated to 1.12.1
If you find any issues please let us know via the Help/Support section.

A few things are broken, however they are not noticeable and we will be working on those fixes throughout the next 1-3 days. However, if you notice anything game-breaking please let us know. As always do remember we reward majorly for any exploits you find! :)
Congratulations to all our July voting winners!
July Top Prizes: 5/5/5/5/4/4/4/3/3/2 Event Tokens + Voting Medal!

@Server Admin - Please update the Event Tokens thread.



EcoCityCraft just had a server downtime that spanned 3~ hours.
We are now back online and all issues have been fixed.

@bobbysix6 has been added to our dupe bug / exploit thread for reporting a major issue.

Hey guys! This comes late in the summer for some of us, but we are going to be hosting a new build competition! The theme for this contest is Summer House, so get your teams together and show us your dream getaway.

You can find more info on the rules and prizes here: https://www.ecocitycraft.com/forum/threads/summer-build-competition.168238/

Good luck to those who enter!
Now you can purchase certain mob spawn eggs at /warp expshop!

The following eggs have been added:
Cow - 5,000 EXP
Pig - 5,000 EXP
Sheep - 10,000 EXP
Horse - 20,000 EXP

Check back as more may be added in the future!