35% Off all ECD/EXP/SkyBlock features!
50% Off all Main / VMR features!

Expires June 4th 11:59PM EST

All purchases totalling $100+ will get forum premium and forum promotion medal for free!

All SkyGods can now use the following command.
If you have spawners and want to trade them in for a key, you can always offer a SkyGod some EcoDollars to have them make the trade for you :)

  • Trade 2 spawners in your inventory for 1 spawner key!
I'm pleased to announced that we are opening Staff Applications for another round.

If you are interested in joining the Staff team and you meet the requirements stated in the Guidelines feel free to apply.
You can read the application guidelines and apply on this forum:

Staff Team Application Forum

Good luck and we look forward to your applications!
Theme Change!
Use "/server vmr" or visit the lobby to access the VMR portal.



Avengers: Infinity War!

Theme suggested by @xMysto_ via this thread.

Sale prices are as follows:
Diamond Block - $50 (Tesseract/Space Stone)
Redstone Dust - $0.50 (Aether/Reality Stone)
Obsidian _ $1 (Power Stone)
Gold Ingot - $5 (Mind Stone)
Emerald - $10 (Time Stone)
Soul sand - $2 (Soul Stone)

Leader boards can be found here: https://vanilla.ecocitycraft.com
Main news post regarding release/more information can be found here.
Please watch closely in-game for any out of the blue really random bugs.

We just changed the ENTIRE backend software that EcoCityCraft runs on (meaning no more base Spigot). A BIG & custom change, one that players should not notice however.

Basically, please watch for weirdness with Minecraft mechanics / etc that wasn't happening before and please report via https://ecocitycraft.com/help if you find something.
We are going to automate what we allow / don't allow on EcoCityCraft in regards to red stone clocks, as they cause quite the lag on Minecraft servers. Several other SkyBlock communities ban clocks outright, however we will try to be a little lenient.

In regards to red stone clocks, we will allow a maximum of 500 signals per second.

This below is a 10 second example of the current running red stone clocks and their signal output as of this post on our SkyBlock server:


Out of the 14 clocks above, 4 would be above our limit and will be automatically disabled.
We will not be deleting your red stone and replacing it with signs as other servers do (unless of course the method we chose doesn't work and a bypass is found). Instead we will simply automate the deletion of your red stone, wait for the clock to lose it's power, and have it replaced.

@pokeball92870 @ClarinetPhoenix please edit our rules to include this information on the wiki.

PS: This system is being implemented network wide on all servers.
/lb tb New for SkyGod!
  • Spawn yourself a piece of ice for accessing our global logging database.
  • Simply left/right click it anywhere to view the history of the block/area.
/lb tb [on/off] New for SkyGod!
  • Turn logblock on or off.
  • Used when you would like to actually place/build with ice.
Attention all supporters of EcoCityCraft,

The in game two factor authentication command that we offer, /2fa, has slightly changed. You will no longer need to make a seperate /2fa account for each server. They are now linked network wide. Simply make a new one and it will now work globally.

This will make switching servers and hopping around much easier.

Thanks :)
Congratulations to all our April voting winners!
April Top Prizes: 5/5/5/5/4/4/4/3/3/2 Event Tokens + Voting Medal!

@Server Admin - Please update the Event Tokens thread.
We recently changed some internal name data in regards to challenges.
(Example, renaming the Icy Companion challenge from "frosty" to "icycompanion" on the configuration side.)

Due to this, your challenges menu may look "broken" in rare circumstances.

To fix this, simply look through all the challenges once more and find what you are missing.
It is likely you will have to repeat one of the very early challenges again. After doing so your challenges menu will go back to normal and the issues will be resolved.

Sorry for any inconvenience.