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    In Game Name:
    Have you changed your Minecraft username since being banned? If so, what is your previous name:
    Yes, I have indeed changed. I was found guilty of placing and destroying a total of 116 blocks none of which were valuable ores but 79 consisting of stone. I do regret breaking the rules, but the past is the past and I must accept that as I carry on.
    Which of ECC's services are you banned on:
    I was banned from the main server
    Reason of Ban:
    "Major Griefing of Slobville" Edited 116 blocks, 79 were stone.
    Rule Violated:
    I violated the rule stating that,"players should not grief".
    Please explain in your own words what the rule(s) means:
    The rule means, in my opinion, to not intentionally cause destruction or theft of another person's property on the server. I griefed unintentionally, although I willingly admit that I was one hell of a naughty kid who just wanted to have some fun, but that backfired. However, as I reflect on it now while I am sipping a hot cocoa, I have reason to believe that this ban serves me right because I simply broke them. I just found out I was banned while scrolling through old memories.
    Reason you feel you think you should be un-banned:
    I was entrusted by a player named icestyle I believe and I was banned 2 years ago for breaking this rule. I am slightly saddened by this because I had absolutely no intention of causing harm towards another person's property. I placed down simple blocks and I mined some blocks underneath my claim, if my memory serves me. It was foolish of me to do that, despite acknowledging the rules; but I was a mischevious kid back then. I'm 15 now, studying hard for my exams next year and although Minecraft isn't a primary priority in my life; it would be comforting to know that I could at least be forgiven for my mistakes. I would like to take this moment to apologise to those I have hurt and that 1 sign I placed down was actually to communicate to a fellow player! The good ol' days. I'd like to relive them if given the opportunity to do so. I have some good memories on this server, and when I go to college or my foundation year I would like to reflect on these and maybe feel a rush of nostalgia as I travel back. Thank you for your time.
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    Please follow our rules from now on.
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