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    We recently had a podcast where we turned #noinfo into #someinfo.
    I'm now going to try and summarize what was discussed in the podcast in a quick news thread as well as add some extra information. Keep in mind I am stating everything short and to the point, so that most people understand the issues and solutions. #moreinfo news post will come within a few weeks once we finalize some of this and adjust it. (Remember, we are not done yet.)

    Firstly, 1.13 - 1.13.x and it's problems.

    1.13+ has brought on a plethora of problems. The biggest problem we face is the map's conversion. Converting a 1.12.2 map to 1.13+ (due to all the internal changes Mojang has done), has been proven to result in a major amount of issues. Corrupted chunks, missing blocks, empty chests, and much more, all of which you can find bug reports for on Mojang's official tracker. And when dealing with maps of our size (30,000x30,000) the problems will be endless. Users will lose blocks, chest contents and see random corrupted chunks in their cities. It will be endless crying and begging for help/support, something that will ultimately end with chaos.

    However, this is just in the case of converting a 1.12.2 map. Our maps on EcoCityCraft, were generated around 1.4, and that's not all, they have already gone through a conversion back when Mojang changed the internal code long ago. Converting two 30,000x30,000 maps all the way back from around 1.4, which were already converted once, to 1.13+ is something that we've verified with several large developers, some of whom deal with Spigot, will absolutely always come with major problems. The chances of proper conversion are near none. The task is "convert a 1.4 already converted map from old code, to new code yet again, jumping over a dozen Minecraft versions". Oh, and do it flawlessly, ok, thanks. Lol some people's expectations. :facepalm:

    Moving forward, maps are not our only problems. Let's get to plugins. Here are two quotes from the spigot forums (and the announcement thread located here: ) which you are encouraged to read.
    What the above basically means, is that dozens beyond dozens of plugin developers will be moving forward with their plugins & code and their plugins will no longer be compatible with 1.12.2 or lower. EcoCityCraft runs several plugins that were designed for 1.8 that still function. ALL of these plugins would no longer function if we stayed on 1.12.2 when it comes to updating them. And yes, we do have to keep our plugin's up to date to fix bugs, issues, glitches & exploits.

    Basically, and I quote md_5 from his post, this is "the largest release of Minecraft ever" and although we had a wonderful 7 years of fun, we are being forced to move forward. We have been duct taping a 7 year old server for far too long, and Mojang no longer allows duct tape.

    So, what is EcoCityCraft doing about this huge update?

    Phew, okay, enough with the boring stuff, let's get to what was discussed in the podcast earlier and what will happen. Below I'm going to simply outline our current non-polished plan. Basically a draft copy of what will happen. I'm going to do this in bullet points so everyone has an idea as to where we are headed.

    Main server renamed to Archive server
    • The Archive server will not be "wiped". It will be archived. Key word, "server", meaning nothing is getting wiped, the entire server is getting archived! :happy:
    • The Archive server will be accessible via /server archive and it will showcase the great 7 years we have had and all the awesome builds that took place.
    • The Archive server will have just one rank. This rank will basically have all permissions when it comes to getting around and doing stuff. Everyone will have flight, everyone will have /heal, /fix, etc. You get the idea.
    • The Archive server will only allow [Buy] signs to be used. All other signs are disabled.
    • The Archive server will never have the /sell command again. This is to prevent major destruction of builds for the sole purpose of making EcoDollars. (There are people who can destroy vaults and transfer 100s of millions of EcoDollars. *cough* *cough* @Nicit6 *cough*
    • The Archive server will allow you to build in the towns you had access to. (wild building & block collection will be impossible). This is for those who still want to finish some of their builds such as
      @ClarinetPhoenix 's amazing Hogwarts. And yes, you'll be able to add people to your towns to help build.
    • The Archive server will allow for /bank withdraw and deposit. This is for those who still have money on it and want to get it out onto the forum, and for those who perhaps want to bring some EcoDollars back into the Archive server to purchase blocks at our spawn shop via [Buy] signs and finish certain builds. (Yes, the only way to get blocks will be the spawn shop, unless a market will spring up where rich users sell their vault blocks.) @Nicit6 bought to get rich :eek:.
    • The Archive server will no longer have a Mining, Nether and End world.
    • The Archive server will keep all your inventories, enderchests, etc, intact, following the same cleanup policy we currently have. You will not however be able to transfer items (blocks, tools) between the Archive and new Main server. Whatever you have will remain on you and will not be wiped. It however be tied to just the Archive server. You can use tools to finish up your builds, or simply archive away (star tools) to show off what you've accomplished through ECC's 7 year History.
    • The Archive server will stay on 1.12.2 (as a map conversion is simply impossible) and we will do our best to allow 1.13+ clients to have backwards compatibility. Meaning you will be able to join on 1.13+ clients but of course won't be able to make use of any 1.13+ features.
    New main server
    • The new server will be named something along the lines of City. We haven't decided yet.
    • The City server will have fresh inventories, fresh balances (although people can bring money in via the forum bank), and basically be a full blown main reset.
    • The City server will likely have the same item sell prices for /sell and the same rank applications & prices for ranks & towns. Whether we change the rank names or not we are not sure of yet. (Builder, Resident, Mayor, etc).
    • The City server will have all the same donation features (Water, Pyro, Fly, ExtCommands, etc.) and all your donations WILL carry over with you. We would never take those away from you. Everything you had on the Archive server donation wise, you will have on the City server.
    • We will be asking the community what their biggest problems were with the previous Main server and implement some slight changes to help accommodate a better City server experience. Example: Star crates, yeah... we're never selling those again. (stuff like that).
    • The City server will have the Mining, Nether and End worlds.
    • The City server will not use trade signs. We are moving to chest shops.
    • The City server (or forums) will have some recognition for the previously earned ranks from the old Main server.
    • Your prestige carries over from the old Main server to the new City server
    • This is our next big problem, the developer of ASkyBlock (the plugin we use) will not be updating it, and has confirmed that conversion to the new plugin BSkyBlock will be very difficult and incomplete.
    • Due to this, the only thing we are changing with SkyBlock is the fact we may reset it December 1st, as opposed to January 1st.
    • Other than the above, SkyBlock is good to go once we migrate to BSkyBlock for the reset!
    • Absolutely no problems here. We update to 1.13+ and we're good.
    • Absolutely no problems here as well. We update to 1.13+ and we're good.

    With that said, this is mostly it when it comes to what was discussed in the Podcast.


    We currently do not have exact dates for you, but I will gladly share what our priority list is and the order things will be done.

    Minecraft versions:
    1. Wait for Mojang to update to 1.13.1
    2. Wait for Spigot to update to 1.13.1
    3. Examine 1.13.1 and determine if a wait for 1.13.2 is required.
    4. If 1.13.1 is good to go, wait for plugins to update to 1.13.1 (meanwhile updating ours).
    5. Examine updated 1.13.1 plugins.
    6. Test 1.13.1 plugins.
    7. Launch 1.13.1 across our servers in the below order.

    EcoCityCraft projects:
    1. Slowly begin the conversion from Main to Archive. (already begun).
    2. Launch finalized Archive server on 1.12.2 with compatibility for 1.13+ clients.
    3. Launch SkyBlock server on 1.12.2 with compatibility for 1.13+ clients.
    4. Launch VMR server on 1.13+
    5. Launch Lobby server on 1.13+
    6. Launch City server on 1.13+
    7. Reset SkyBlock server on 1.13+ (December 1st).
    8. Launch KitPVP on 1.13+ (once all above projects are done).
    9. Play Minecraft :cool:.


    And that's it. On a final note, thanks to everyone who understands the incredible difficulty we face come 1.13 and the fact it is simply out of our hands, thus we are using this opportunity to do something nice and new.

    We are not expecting tons of new players, of course not, Minecraft has gotten too old for that, we are simply expecting a new chapter in ECC history, and something new and fun for us to do. I mean, a new 30,000x30,000 map, generated with all the goodness of 1.4 all the way to 1.13+ (we previously generated on 1.4 or maybe even lower), I mean, I for one am excited to see what this beast of a map will look like :D.

    To the loyal players and to those who can understand the logic behind what needs to be done. Thank you! You're the reason we keep doing this through all these tough times in regards to Mojang's and Minecraft's updates.

    To those of you who started insane amounts of drama, pointless nonsense, and in one case, pathetic although hilarious legal threats, as well as to those who will quit due to this, honestly, it has been a great 7 years and we're sorry that we cannot accommodate this new Minecraft chapter in a way that suits you. It was great to have you and we hope you find a new server or game that will bring you joy. Hugs and goodbye!


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      Lots of people are asking regarding EcoLegend apps since Prestige carries over.
      We are still accepting them for a few days, so if you wanna prestige before having to start over get the app in ;).
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      Something I'd like to bring up:

      Someone mentioned Hypixel and servers of that sort updating and converting maps to 1.13...

      Let me answer right here, a quote I sent to someone else recently:

      What people don't understand is servers like Hypixel, and any of the thousands of servers for that matter, don't have 30kx30k maps generated before 1.4 that were already converted once. I challenge anyone to point out just ONE server out there out of thousands with a 7 year old 30,000x30,000 map generated prior to the first map code change before 1.4 that was already converted once. I'll buy you a car lmao.
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